Thursday, November 12, 2009

.Purple S e n s i.

I finally smoked in like 6 months & i was the happiest bitch on earth lol .I havent been high in a looonng while . Truth be told , i dnt even know wht i smoked =X bt that shit was fie! <- smh im turning into PrettyGRLteetee -_-

My future Husband :D

Drizzy fuckin Drake . I'm in love w/ his ass o'Dee

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Random Shit


So the other me , Mom & Dad were watching the World Championships and this long jumper frm Great Britain ( i think ) was about to start . He had red hair & piercings all over . When the camera turned to his face my parents starting judging him just buy the way he looked . they started sayin' a whole bunch of bull that made me wonder if they were human beings. They were talking about him like he was an alien or someone of a different species . That makes me wonder if i ever bring a guy home & he has tattoos or piercings if they're gonna judge him jus by how he looks .

Thursday, July 2, 2009

Best I Ever had Official Video

It's good but just doesnt go along w/ the song

Drake "Best I Ever Had" from kwest on Vimeo.

Saturday, June 13, 2009


I Hate When Myspacer Msg. Me Sayin' " WAS UP " or " WAS Good " or " Commnt. The Pics "
I Hate Ppl Add Me & Have They're Pics On Private
I Hate Users
I Hate Peanut Butter
I Hate Nosey Ppl
I Hate When Ppl Say " Fck Wit Me "
I Hate Drama
I Hate Ppl That Rap On Myspace
I Hate My Computer
I Hate When Ppl Are Friendly - ALL THE TIME
I Hate Ppl That Are In Love
I Hate Being Lazy
I Hate Ironing
I Hate Doing Things For Ppl
I Hate Ugly Ppl
I Hate When Guys " Holla " - Come At Me w.Respec'

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Summer [;

2 more days left of Skool !! :-D im soo Fckin' happy yo . no longer a freshie - Sophmore bby . For summer I wanted to go home [ back to JA ] and spend a good week there cus i haven't been back for almost 4 years . but that plan doesnt seem to be goin' well . Might end-up goin' nexx year for the cuzzo's wedding :-) . Unfortunately I have to stay in Florida . maybe go out or do somethin' with theMain's or smoke Ganja [ haha* , lol ] but other than that I shave shit else to dooo - Summer 2kO9 is gonna suck =/

Sunday, May 31, 2009

Robert Pattinson

I honestly dnt get wdf is so sexy about Robert Patterson .
Look at him ! nigga ever heard of a comb ? or a razor and shaving cream .
I would never ever bring someone like this to meet my parents .
SMH- he's just one thing on Earth that i HATE seeing .

Thursday, May 28, 2009


Rhhhhhh . Lol . Jamaica to diii wrlllllllllll !!! ah' we ah di bess . damn right im proud to be Jamaican - born & raised; ain't no Jafaican like some of you "wanna be" Americans . we dnt play that bullshit . Jamaican ppl crazy as Fuccc' dnt EVER try & mess with one . you'll get your head chopped off and or organs rearranged . we're jus bad like that . haha* but I miss Home . haven't been back for almost 4 years & I miss it . hopefully I'll go back nxt summer for my cousins wedding ... hopefully

the Baddest


the rap game is badly in need of a Female Rapper & here she is - Nicki Minaj . since she's from Soutside Jamaica Queens, you already Kno she goes hard. she Spitts like no other & her swaqg is outrageous. heard most songs off her upcoming album "Beam Me Up Scotty" and all the tracks are hott shit . "I Only Fck Wid Bad Bxtch's No-Homo" <--- that line is firee . Lol . So bascically she's the shit right now in the rap game

Drake . sorta O b s e ss ed with this Nigga . everythinq about him is jus ... UNdescribeable . like wtf this Nigga dnt do ? He sings, raps, act & he can dance ! - Full Package . I was just havin a convo w. my hme-grl about him [ ^^) ] & how talented he is . for those of you that dont know about him acting , he played "Jimmy" - the guy with the wheelchair on Degrassi . [; he may not be the biggest thing yet but from they way everybody listens to him, he's gonna be even BIGGER !!!