Saturday, June 13, 2009


I Hate When Myspacer Msg. Me Sayin' " WAS UP " or " WAS Good " or " Commnt. The Pics "
I Hate Ppl Add Me & Have They're Pics On Private
I Hate Users
I Hate Peanut Butter
I Hate Nosey Ppl
I Hate When Ppl Say " Fck Wit Me "
I Hate Drama
I Hate Ppl That Rap On Myspace
I Hate My Computer
I Hate When Ppl Are Friendly - ALL THE TIME
I Hate Ppl That Are In Love
I Hate Being Lazy
I Hate Ironing
I Hate Doing Things For Ppl
I Hate Ugly Ppl
I Hate When Guys " Holla " - Come At Me w.Respec'

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Summer [;

2 more days left of Skool !! :-D im soo Fckin' happy yo . no longer a freshie - Sophmore bby . For summer I wanted to go home [ back to JA ] and spend a good week there cus i haven't been back for almost 4 years . but that plan doesnt seem to be goin' well . Might end-up goin' nexx year for the cuzzo's wedding :-) . Unfortunately I have to stay in Florida . maybe go out or do somethin' with theMain's or smoke Ganja [ haha* , lol ] but other than that I shave shit else to dooo - Summer 2kO9 is gonna suck =/